Fraud Risk Management

Protecting your Business

A business must ensure that it operates in a manner that minimizes or eliminates fraud. There are three factors that allow fraud to occur. The most controllable factor your business can control is OPPORTUNITY. If there is opportunity, and the person has an INCENTIVE for fraud and they can RATIONALIZE their actions, then fraud can occur.

Your business has the responsibility to minimize fraud risk by segregating duties to mitigate certain fraud opportunities, to develop a loyal workforce that embraces the need for fraud prevention and provide methods for reporting suspicious events.

Mires Consulting Group can assist your business:

  • Establish and communicate a fraud risk management program
  • Perform a fraud risk assessment
  • Develop and deploy preventative and detective fraud control activities
  • Establish a communication process for obtaining information about potential fraud activity
  • Perform ongoing evaluation of the fraud risk management program

These services can be developed and implemented to meet the needs of any type of business.